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Various standards and practices exist at national and international levels and these have to be adhered to, while working with instrumentation and control systems in hazardous areas. If aspects such as system design, training and record keeping are given appropriate attention, these goals can be achieved. Ip ingress protection rating ip ingress protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection or electrical enclosure of electrical equipment. Explosive atmospheres classification of hazardous areas. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Lightning protection of iecex hazardous areas to atexiecex. Introduction to hazardous electrical location classifications. Hazardous area classifications learning instrumentation. A hazardous area is defined as an area in which the atmosphere contains, or may contain in sufficient quantities, flammable or explosive gases, dusts or vapours. So the first hazardous area classification was invented about this time but it is thought that the imperial chemical industries ici company had started to evolve the notion of divisions. The instrumentation, systems, and automation society isa isa12. Room safety we want you to enjoy this training course so please ask plenty of questions. Article 500, 501 555 of the national electrical code nec deals extensively on the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Hazardous areas technical guide hazardous areas technical guide. This publication is based on an appendix written by chris towle bsc, ceng, mimech. Inevitably this subject is one of constant but usually slow change and hence the. Informations instrumentation installation in hazardous areas 2. In such an atmosphere a fire or explosion is possible when three basic conditions are met. Typical area classification of a surface plant where explosive vapours are present. Groups defines the type of the hazardous material and partly the location of the surrounding atmosphere. Hazardous area classification markings instrumentation tools. To operate instrumentation in hazardous locations successfully, plant staff needs some basic technical skills plus specific ex knowledge and operations have to be supported by a suitable quality management system. Hazardous area classification and selection of electrical equipment in hazardous area slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Typical hazardous areas form in chemical factories, refineries, enamelling plants, paint workshops, cleaning equipment, mills and stores for milled products and other combustible dusts.

The most common hazardous area protection methods in the process control industry are. Hazardous area quick disconnect wiring the canadian oil and gas company enerflex, based in calgary, alberta, has divisions for both services and products. Hazardous area instrumentation safety training course online. Wiring practices for hazardous classified locations. The appropriate local regulatory agency defines the categories, and the instrumentation manufacturer defines the set of specifications appropriate for each equipment. In production and work places, hazardous areas can develop wherever the first two preconditions for an explosion are fulfilled. Lightning protection of hazardous areas in line with atexiecex with hazardous areas at risk from the consequences of direct and indirect lightning, a comprehensive approach to lightning protection in line with bs eniec 62305 should be considered. Enrolments in training components and statements of attainment or qualifications issued before june 2017 are valid. This is a method used to classify area hazards in regard to using electrical equipment in areas classified as hazardous. While the service side lists instrumentation and controls, as well as mechanical services for compression in its offerings, the products side includes oil and gas production processing, compression and environmental services. Hazardous area classifications and protections the intent of this document is to provide a broad overview of hazardous area classifications and the types of protection techniques involved. Variable area flowmeters differential pressure vortex flowmeters flow controllers.

Future trends for instrumentation in hazardous areas. Adequate solutions exist which are compatible with all gases and area. Division 1 described areas being normally hazardous. Eatons crousehinds division is the worlds leading provider of electrical and instrumentation products for harsh and hazardous environments. Proper grounding of instrument and control systems in. Zones defines the general nature or properties of the hazardous material if its gas or dust, and the probability of the hazardous material in the surrounding atmosphere. For any components marked as deleted after june 2017, the applicable transitionteachout periods apply. An area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present. Our products perform to the highest standard of safety and reliability, keeping people safe and plants running.

No other aspect of industrial safety receives more attention in the form of codes, standards, technical papers, and engineering design. Bl20 is a cost effective and easy to configure system for process remote io solutions in hazardous locations. There has been continuous change in the detail of the methods of explosion protection applied to instrumentation over the last fifty years and the probability is that the techniques will continue to evolve. The information provided in this bulletin is for educational purposes and should not be used in place of any other source or governing documents. There are about 150 signals that had to be transferred using a single ethernet cable back to the plc from the. Before going to the step bystep method for performing electrical area classification, it should be explained that a classified hazardous area is defined by three parameters. Ifc 300 r rackmounted ifc 300 w wallmounted ifc 300 f field housing ifc 300 c. Any installation of devices within a hazardous area as defined in the nec must be in accordance with that devices control drawing and local. In europe and most of the world outside north america hazardous areas are classified with the zone system where. Standards and certification for hazardous area instrumentation. It now becomes relatively simple to ensure that the temperature rating of the equipment is always compatible with temperature classification of the gas. Hazardous area technical guide the redapt hazardous area technical guide provides an overview for the design and use of equipment used within potentially explosive atmospheres created by gases, vapours and ignitable dusts or. The terms hazardous area, hazardous location and classified location can be used interchangeably.

Classdivision hazardous location rockwell automation. Electrical safety by johannes auret, explolabs and certex. The deleted usage recommendation was implemented on june 2017 to describe training components that have no replacement. Product bulletin hazardous area classifications september. This is often referred to as the hazardous area or combustion triangle. Proper grounding of instrument and control systems in hazardous locations explosion protection and hazardous locations conference 2009 idc technologies 2 types of grounds any discussion on grounding invariably leads to a discussion on the different types of grounds and the corresponding definition of each. Introduction this document is intended to provide guidance on the certification and standards used in the design and application of instrumentation used in hazardous areas. Installation guide for hazardous areas this installation guide should not be used as the controlling document for the installation of devices in a hazardous area. Process instrumentation hazardous area atex zone 1 zone. Contents letter from the corporate management global presence development and production sites flowmeters and flow controllers electromagnetic flowmeters. The most common industry term is hazardous location and that is.

Hazardous area classification questions instrumentation. Easy self paced, structured elearning course, access online 247 or on your own pc download version the abhisam hazardous area instrumentation elearning course was the first of its kind when launched in the year 2004. Hazardous area classifications guide bill michie december 22nd, 2014 the national electrical code nec defines hazardous locations as those areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids. Tradespersons working in potentially explosive areas. Zone hazardous location 33 introduction a major safety concern in industrial plants is the occurrence of fires and explosions. Methods of explosion protection in hazardous areas.

If you would like information on our open or bespoke courses or. Measurement and instrumentation engineerit february 2012 47 technical ic a solution for instrumentation in zone 2 hazardous areas information from extech safety systems the basic concept of ic is introduced in this article. This ensures that the energy level remains below threshold levels that would ignite an explosive atmosphere. The main goal of these protection methods is to eliminate one of the components in the fire triangle to prevent an explosion. Several methods are used to protect process and control equipment used in hazardous areas in many industries. Adequate solutions exist which are compatible with all gases and area classifications.

For example, an area containing gasoline could be classified class i, group d. The area classification process would require the participation of operations, maintenance, safety, electrical and instrumentation professionals, the use of process diagrams and material flows, msds and any pertinent documents, information and knowledge to determine the hazards and their extent and the countermeasures to be employed. Practical electrical equipment and installations in. Hazardous areas classification european standard european hazardous area classification in zones, protection types, temperature codes and codes. Hazardous area instrumentation a computer based safety training course, a must have for engineering and equipment maintenance. Any electrical equipment to used in an hazardous area is also tested and rated for its maximum surface temperature. Hazardous area classifications guide cross company.

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