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Taken together, the two episodes ran 148 minutes, without commercials, while the film runs. A musthave for every battlestar galactica fan is the original pilot movie, available now on dvd for the very first time since its original release in 1976. Kampfstern galactica kinofilm kampfstern galactica. Als spacepilot an actionreichen 3dschlachten teilnehmen. Stay uptodate and watch battlestar galactica anytime and anywhere on syfy.

The first and fifth episodes of the series were edited into this theatrical feature film. After the destruction of the twelve colonies of mankind, the last major fighter carrier leads a makeshift fugitive fleet in a desperate search for the legendary planet earth. The movie premiered exclusively on dvd, bluray and digital download on october 27, 2009 and. Larson entered negotiations with universal pictures for a film adaptation of the 1978 series in february 2009. Richard hatch, dirk benedict, lorne greene, herbert jefferson, jr. Aus einigen dieser insgesamt 34 episoden wurden drei kinofilme zusammengeschnitten.

The first and fifth episodes of the series were edited into this theatrical feature. The attack forces commander william adama to call into action his museumpiece warship, the battlestar galactica, and soon its company of hotshot fighter pilots is blasting away at the invaders. Fleeing the cylon genocide, the galactica leads a ragtag fleet of survivors on a. Mutiny, a science fiction film that used shots from battlestar galactica for space scenes. Starring richard hatch, lorne green, jane seymore and the ateams dirk benedict, battlestar galacticathe pilot movie tells the story of how 12. Battlestar galactica myplaycity download free games. Battlestar galacticakinofilm mit neuem produzententeam.

Er ist eine alternative schnittfassung des dreiteiligen. But their best efforts cant prevent the colonies obliteration. This film is adapted from a television series that aired on abc from september 17, 1978, to august 17, 1980. The acting talents of lorne greene, richard hatch and dirk benedict, backed up by wilfred hydewhite, ray milland and jane seymour still hold sway, and the film was as enjoyable as ever. This is the film which started the classic tv series. Battlestar galactica is an american science fiction media franchise created by glen a. Battlestar galactica the feature film widescreen edition. Bought, at a good price as a nostalgia trip, to see again a film i last saw 30 yrs ago.

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