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Heres a list of all the reported speech exercises on this site. Explanations and examples along with tests and exercises online to learn everything about reported speech in english. A little bird told me you needed help with the spanish reported speech also called indirect speech. Introduction there are two ways of relating what a person has said. How to master spanish reported speech and become a grammar ninja. Present simple reported statement exercise quite easy in pdf here. Will and tim said that they had been very happy about the. Could you please bring your textbooks to school every day. This is a worksheet for teaching or revising reported speech. Please contact me if you have any questions or ntact me if you have any questions or comments.

Richard said, i love he loves i have he has i have had difficulty with reported speech. Reported speech exercise 1 rewrite the sentences in reported speech, as in the example 1. In direct speech we repeat exactly what someone said. Reported speech exercises with answers esl vocab fox. Remarks thus repeated are placed between inverted commas, and a comma is placed immediately before the remark. Students solutions preintermediate grammar exercise 2 reported speech. She can leave now because she asked for permission. Explanations and examples along with tests and exercises online to practise english reported speech. Richard said that he has had difficulty with reported speech. Reported speech summary reported commands and requests in english. He said i dont like football in reported speech, however, we tell what someone said without repeating his exact words.

He told me a i was from poland wrong the pronoun is incorrect. Tuesday i had an argument with martin about a film last night and now we arent speaking to each other. Esl game on learning how to make sentences in english language based on fundamental rules of reported speech. He told us that he was moving to another apartment next month. And now comes the surpriseive just used the reported speech three times in the last paragraph and you probably didnt even.

Reported speech change the following sentences into reported or direct speech. Dont bathe when the red flag is flying the lifeguard said to us. Reported speech intermediate worksheet busy teacher. Sandy explained that she had seen the accident at the corner of high street. Collocations and expressions colocaciones y expresiones 7.

Reported speech 1 put these statements into reported. The sentence that does not contain reported speech is. The coast guard advised against going into the water. When the pronoun changes the verb must agree in number. Reported speech grammar bachillerato 1 direct speech. Notice how the pronoun changes, to show who the original speaker was. My friend told me that everybody was waiting for the results 2. Mr brown said that he had been watching tv the night before the previous night. He said, if you called on me tomorrow, i could see you 1. This grammar exercise tests your ability to use reported speech correctly.

Reported speech indirect speech with free online exercises, reported speech indirect speech examples and sentences. English test titled reported speech 1, for online english learners at the intermediate level. I cant understand why billiards has been prohibited. Reported speech reporting verbs write these sentences in another way using the words at the end of the line. Exercise 1 requests positive complete the sentences in reported speech. English grammar reported speech 1 reported speech direct and indirect or reported speech. Reported speech selfstudy exercises bachillerato 1 7 use the diary page below to rewrite dianas conversation with her boyfriend, martin. Online exercises english grammar and courses free tutorial reported speech indirect speech with.

Annie said that they were decorating their flat the following day. I asked him if i could be of any help, and the little bird answered that i was the right person for the job. Reported speech exercises change the following sentences into reported speech. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Reported speech 1 put these statements into reported speech. Reporting verbs exercise 1 perfect english grammar. Rewrite the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original. He wanted to know, which picture is the most famous one. Questions in reported speech exercise 1 exercise 2 requests in reported speech exercise 1 requests positive exercise 2 requests negative exercise 3 requests mixed mixed exercises on reported speech exercise 1 exercise 2reported speech. I asked for help, and i specifically asked if you would assist me.

She told him go to your room, her father said to her. Online exercises reported speech indirect speech, questions and negative sentences. Bob said that they had had a wonderful time at peters party. Reported speech exercise 1 perfect english grammar. She said that they had seen many interesting things 2. Reported speech the words or thoughts of a person can be expressed through direct speech in this case we repeat the more or less exact words that were said or filtered through the language and the memory of the speaker, changing pronouns, tenses and other words if necessary.

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